The Truth About Girls

I sometimes can't help but feel bad for gentlemen being raised today. Yes, I do believe they still exist. Contrary to what most lonely girls will say, I have faith that there are still a lot of good men around.

Why am I sympathetic towards them though? Because they are trained - from an early age - to fear committing to a woman. Which is probably why most dudes are shocked when girls get anxious to get married.

Here's the thing: Guys love the dating game. They love picking you up and go on romantic dates. They will even trim their beards, shine their shoes, and put on that new deodorant their overseas aunt bought them.

Let's face it. We girls love that time in a relationship as well. Which is why we put on our best outfits, spend extra time doing the makeup, and might even rub on some beauty enhancement serum just before he picks us up. We too want to send a strong positive first impression and will do just about anything to do that. Which again is what draws the boys to us.

What boys are terrified about is committing to you, and then finding out what you're like without the makeup, clean hair, or that pretty dress. They have grown up with rumors (jokingly of course) that women turn into monsters overnight and wake up dangerous. Such jokes were always made by married men who would know, right?

Well, everyone knows they were joking. Even boys know that. But what if there is some truth to it (there actually is)? There certainly has got to be at least some doubt in their minds.

Truth is, we're simple creatures. All we want is your love. Give us your love and you will forever be our hero. In return, we will forever be your cheerleader :)